Packer Boxers - Cotton

Color: Tribal Black

Our packer boxers are made specifically to hold packers comfortably and securely in place without the hassle of a harness or tight squeeze of a jockstrap. With no risk of slippage or shifting, you can spend more time feeling great in your skin and less time worrying about what’s in your boxers. Talk about the total package! 



  • Made with trans men and non-binary folx assigned female at birth in mind
  •  Specially-designed pocket to hold packer in place
  • Sizes 2XS-Yummiest (24 inch waist - 45 inch waist) - custom orders available by email request
  • Made from soft, natural, sustainable fibres including 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

 * $1 of every product purchased is donated to Suicide Prevention