Our Cause - Suicide Prevention

“We are on a mission to raise $1,000,000 for suicide prevention and awareness” 

We at Toni Marlow exist to give you the confidence to be whomever you choose to be. That no matter how many boxes you check, you do not have to be boxed in to other people’s limiting views. We believe in defying gender norms, challenging stereotypes and building a positive, powerful and progressive future.                      

However, being who you truly are is often met with resistance and challenges. For people who defy gender norms, those challenges are extreme and often lead to significantly higher rates of depression and suicidal feelings and behaviour. Sadly, everyone at some point is affected by suicide whether it's their own feelings and/or behaviour or those of a loved one.


Every year, an average of five hundred Canadian youth take their own life.


In support of both our gender queer folks with higher risks of these experiences and all people everywhere, we have committed to donating $1 from each product sold, to raise suicide awareness and prevention.

In addition to our ongoing donation of $1/purchase, we are on a mission to raise $1,000,000 for suicide prevention. In early 2016, a close friend of Founder, Jaymin (Jalisa) Luces-Mendes, tragically took his life. No one knew he was struggling with the pain and thoughts that he was experiencing that led to his suicide. He was a leader and beacon of light for a very large community in Toronto and aboard. In honour of him, we would like to raise $1,000,000 so that we can help end the stigma around mental health and help reduce the prevalence of this happening.

Be the change, Click Here to Donate and visit www.friendsofruby.ca for more information on support and help for the LGBTIQ2S+ community.