Toni Marlow is a statement undergarment brand founded by Jaymin (Jalisa) Luces-Mendes in Toronto, Canada in 2015. Produced locally, we put universal comfort at the forefront. High-quality fabrics that meet detailed construction means we create products with your body and needs in mind.

Who Is Toni?

Toni Marlow is everyone who desires the confidence and comfort to be their truest self. Representation matters and, for far too long, many of us have not seen ourselves in fashion or media. This includes diverse and inclusive representations of all genders, sizes, shapes, races, complexions and abilities. In response, our products are specifically made to help you feel more comfortable in the skin you are in. As we evolve, Toni Marlow promises to keep your needs at the forefront so that we can truly represent, fit for all- designed for you.

United in Comfort

Our mission is to show that what unites us in comfort is greater than what makes us different. Finding the right undergarment is no longer a privilege. We believe authenticity is everything and we embody inclusivity. Which means, we empower individuals to feel at home wearing our garments – confident, secure and comfortable enough to be themselves.

Where We Give Back

We are on a mission to raise $1,000,000 towards suicide prevention.

Being yourself in a world that enforces what is “normal”, puts many marginalized and underrepresented bodies at a higher risk of depression and suicidal feelings and behaviour. With an aggressive goal in mind to help, we have committed to donate $1 from each product sold to raise awareness and prevention. Find out more here.


Join the Movement

We partner with community groups, organizations, individuals and artists to ensure everything we offer is for the people, by the people. Be a part of the conversation and movement that is ensuring that comfort and style are accessible to all. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and/or sign up for our newsletter.