About Us

Toni Marlow is a Toronto-based lifestyle brand that creates undergarments for those who defy gender norms, primarily women and transmen.  After mounting frustrations when shopping for comfortable, affordable undergarments, Jalisa L. M founded Toni Marlow in 2015 to service an underrepresented market. With the mantra of inclusivity and timelessness, Toni Marlow creates gender-fluid designs with classic styles, functional cuts at affordable prices. At Toni Marlow we believe that everyone deserves to feel like their best self - right down to their skivvies.

Our products are designed to match the LGBTQ community’s gender non-conformity with the highest level of comfort in mind. The Toni Marlow mantra - fit for everyBODY - means that style and comfort should no longer be a privilege. We believe in defying gender norms, challenging stereotypes and building a positive, powerful and progressive future. If you’re picking up what we’re putting down then join our community of unmentionables by following us on social media or coming out to our community events!



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