T.O.M. (Time Of Month) Boxer Briefs - Bamboo Period Underwear


Say bye to granny panties for good, even when Aunt Flow comes to visit. With an added layer that lifts up to hold menstrual pads with wings or panty liners securely in place, T.O.M (Time Of Month) boxer briefs let you stay comfy and stylish. Sorry, what’s that? A secure place to hold a pad in comfy and stylish boxers?! Yea we thought of everything, you can thank us later. 


  • Designed for people who menstruate
  • Form-fitting design that won’t roll-up 
  • Mid-thigh fit
  • Sizes 2XS-Yummiest (24 inch waist - 45 inch waist) - custom orders available by  email request
  • Made from soft, natural, sustainable fibres including 66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex

 * $1 of every product purchased is donated to Suicide Prevention 


The pre-order lead time is 10 weeks. By pre-ordering you will ensure you get the most comfortable underwear you've been waiting for before we sell out. This is a limited stock run, don't miss out! You will receive an email along the way throughout production so you will be kept up to date.

We will let you know:

  1. When the factory confirms our production is done
  2. When we receive the inventory at our warehouse
  3. When your order has been shipped (10-week mark)


Color: Boysen Berry Purple

Only 3 pieces in stock!

All measurements are in inches

  The waist is measured around your stomach, at your belly button. Ordering the right size makes all the difference in fit!

In Between Size?

The fit on your tummy is most important. Our elastic band does not roll down or cut into your stomach if you chose the right size. Our bamboo fabric will stretch comfortably up to 2 sizes (ex. bought a M waist, it will fit up to an XL Hip). 

*** If your Waist is 2 or more sizes smaller than your Hip size, choose the WAIST size IN BETWEEN (ex. Waist is S and Hips are XL, or M if you wear your underwear at your waist, L if you wear them at or below your hip)***

*** If your Waist is 2 or more sizes larger than your Hip size, choose the WAIST size, OR, choose 1 waist size down (ex. Waist is L and Hips are S, choose L Waist if you want maximum comfort on your tummy, or M waist if you want a snug fit overall)

Sizes Waist Hips
2XS 24"- 25" 26" 1/2
XS 26"- 27" 28" 1/2
S 28"- 29" 30" 1/2
M 30"- 31" 32" 1/2
L 32"- 33" 34" 1/2
XL 34"- 35" 36" 1/2
2XL 36"- 37" 38" 1/2
3XL 38"- 39" 40" 1/2
Yum 40"- 41" 42" 1/2
Yummy 42"- 43" 44" 1/2
Yummier 44"- 45" 46" 1/2
Yummiest 46"- 47" 48" 1/2


Sports Bra: 

Sizes Underbust Chest
XS 26"-28" 32"-34"
S 28"-30" 34"-36"
M 30"-32" 36"-38"
L 32"-34" 38"-40"
XL 34"-36" 40"-42"
2XL 36"-38" 42"-44"
3XL 38"-40" 44"-46"



Sizes Length Width
S 27" 18"
M 28" 20"
L 29" 22"
XL 30" 24"
2XL 31" 26"
3XL 32" 28"

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T.O.M. (Time Of Month) Boxer Briefs - Bamboo Period Underwear


T.O.M. (Time Of Month) Boxer Briefs - Bamboo

Cute Colours

Always a favourite underwear! Bamboo is soft and comfortable. Special TOM flap allows me to wear the kind of underwear I feel most comfortable in during moon time.

Partner loves them

I gave my partner a pair of these for their Birthday, and they immediately commented on how comfortable they were in comparison to many other everyday boxer briefs, let alone the fact that they hold your pad/liner/etc. I personally enjoy how adorable they are on my s/o!


T.O.M. (Time Of Month) Boxer Briefs - Bamboo

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